We provide a range of specialized services to help meet your septic needs.

Our services include:

  • 1-hour Site Visits

  • Full Site Evaluations (Trench and Percolation tests)

  • Standard Septic System design

  • Alternative Treatment System design

  • Accessors Parcel Number (APN) record assessments

  • Interpretation of County Policies

NEW CLIENT? Here’s what you can expect.

At Fox Onsite Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and professional service to our clients. Our typical timeline ranges from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project, site conditions, and county review time.

Typical Workflow:

Step 1: Contact us via email with specific details about your project, including project summary, APN, address, and any other applicable information.

Step 2: Fox Onsite Solutions sends you a project proposal, including a property overview, price estimate, and tentative timeline.

Step 3: After granting approval (online), you submit the retainer deposit ($500). Project work begins once the retainer deposit is received.

Step 4: A site visit is scheduled. During the site visit, Fox Onsite staff conducts a full site evaluation (including percolation and backhoe tests, if applicable), reviews the project with you, and collects county permit checks. Permits are signed at this time.

Step 5: Following the site evaluation, a report of the septic design is written and submitted to the county. Final design is determined based on site conditions/testing results.

Step 7: County reviews project and conducts site visit.

Step 8: County grants final approval.